Map Your Supply Chain

Through an user-friendly interface, Supply Chains and related processes can be easily mapped. This will serve as an input for the Carbon Calculation engine.

Calculate The Carbon Emissions

The Carbon Accounting module of SCEnAT adopts the most robust LCA method available, known as Hybrid LCA. The hybrid LCA method combines two LCA methodologies (Process LCA and Environmental Input-Output LCA) in order to make use of their respective advantages. The robustness of the hybrid LCA is based on its accuracy and system boundary completeness that allow taking into account Scope 1, Scope 2 or Scope 3 emissions are included in the LCA.

Review a List of Suggested Interventions

Once Carbon Emissions hotspots have been identified within the Supply Chain, users can take advantage from the Interventions Database, storing case studies about the implementation of successful Carbon Mitigation Strategies in leading firms. SCEnAT will automatically suggest suitable interventions for the identified hotspots.

Evaluate their Impact on our Emissions

Proposed interventions are evaluated across a wide range of performance measures, keeping track impacts on Economic, Environmental and Social dimensions. In such a way, care for the environment is coupled to cost reduction strategies.

Assess Alternative Scenarios

Through the comparison of different supply chain scenarios, corresponding to different emission mitigation strategies, the user can make an informed decision.